Artist Biography

Sonny-Ray Day Rider (B.A., Music) is a Blackfoot composer, pianist, from the Kainai Blood Tribe.  Sonny-Ray has a broad musical palate working with many genres.

Sonny-Ray is currently pursuing advanced studies (M.mus) in music composition at the University of Lethbridge. He shows great promise in the field, having accumulated a large breadth of significant creative projects as an emerging Blood (Blackfoot) artist in an impressively short time span. He also currently has a seat on the Indigenous Advisory Circle to the Library and Archives Canada and is past faculty alumni to the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.


Orogeny: Larimid’Aeona for piano trio (Dr. Bradley Parker/piano, Daryna Friesen/violin, Seth Harsem-Mitchell/Cello)

Blood Night Song No. 1 for piano duo (Dr. Bradley Parker/piano, Daryna Friesen/Violin)

Storm Maker for piano duo (Dr. Bradley Parker/piano, Daryna Friesen/violin)

Curious Beast for piano solo (Monica Lim/piano)

Binary electroacoustic

Bleeding Heart music production (Melissa Brewer/vocals, Nick Fox/guitar)

Whole Heart electriconic production

OwL electronic music production

Fire Flies music production

Spirit music production

Moon Song electronic music production

Zombie Music electronic music production